AlphaServer ES45

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BOB:: and DOUG:: a pair of AlphaServer ES45s


Node Name BOB::
Node Number 42.10
Machine AlphaServer ES45
Model DY-68AAA-BA
Serial 4216JSPZA094
Node Name DOUG::
Node Number 42.11
Machine AlphaServer ES45
Model DA-68DAA-AL
Serial 4144JSPZA085


EK-ES450-SV.A01 AlphaServer ES45 Service Guide
EK-ES450-UG.B01 AlphaServer ES45 Owner's Guide


2019/10: After spotting some posts on a retro mailing list about some DEC/Compaq gear at Athabasca University that needed rescuing, I started up a conversation with a pair of passionate people who were the caretakers of this gear during it's production lifecycle, and they really didn't want to see the gear go to the scrappers. After some discussions, and the offer of payment for expenses, they kindly strapped the rack full of gear into a trailer and drove it 1000km from it's old home to my data centre. I was completely blown away by their generosity and enthusiasm in making sure that the gear found a worthy home.

It took two years, but as of October 2021, both machines are up and running on Hecnet. They have no local storage, but instead use FC to a HSG80 array full of 42 drives.