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Welcome to my collection of old DEC (and some Compaq) computers. The collection started with VAXen, but has strayed both forward and backward in time to include some PDP-11 and Alpha machines. A common theme of the collection is to try to host each machine on HECnet - a modern-day hobbyist recreation of DECnet networks of old.

This site serves as a central point to collect documentation and media images for machines in the collection. I hope other collectors will benefit from the information collected here.

Machines in the Collection

Some of my collection
Personal DECstation 5000/25
CANADA:: 42.1 VAXstation 3100 OpenVMS V7.3
DAFFY:: 42.2 MicroVAX 3300 OpenVMS V6.2
FUZZY:: 42.3 VAX 4000-200
SPARKY:: 42.5 MicroVAX II VAX/VMS V5.4
AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS V8.3
BOB:: 42.10 AlphaServer ES45 OpenVMS V8.4
DOUG:: 42.11 AlphaServer ES45 OpenVMS V8.4
BET:: 42.42 AlphaServer DS10L OpenVMS V8.3
HUB:: 42.1022 Cisco 2611
A42RTR:: 42.1023 Cisco 7206VXR

Areas of Interest