AlphaServer ES40

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FRICK::/FRACK:: an AlphaServer ES40


Node Name FRICK::/FRACK::
Node Number 42.8/42.9
Machine AlphaServer ES40
Model DH-64AAA-AA
Serial AY93015765


EK-ES240-PD.B01 Alpha ES40 Tower and Pedestal Basic Installation
EK-ES240-RG.B01 AlphaServer ES40 Rackmount System Installation Guide
EK-ES240-RN.C01 AlphaServer ES40 Release Notes
EK-ES240-SV.A01 AlphaServer ES40 Service Guide
EK-ES240-UG.B01 AlphaServer ES40 and AlphaStation ES40 Owner's Guide
EK-ES240-UI.B01 AlphaServer ES40 and AlphaStation ES40 User Interface Guide
EK-ES4M2-UP.A01 AlphaServer ES40 Model 1 to Model 2 Upgrade



2013/01: The Compaq ES40 arrived in my collection after I made a Cisco router purchase from a computer recycling company in Duncan, BC. During a discussion, my interest in antique DEC computers was mentioned, and I was offered this machine for little more than the cost of ground shipping. From the dust and dirt, I'm sure it had been sitting around their warehouse for quite some time.

I agreed to take the machine sight-unseen, so I wasn't sure what to expect when the crate arrived at the office. Surprisingly, after a good cleaning, the machine was in perfect working order. There were no drives in the machine, so I populated the drive cages with various sizes of drives I had lying around.

At 8U, the machine is a little large for my garage collection, so it's currently located in the data center I manage, where it will probably live until I need the rack space for a paying customer.

After learning about DEC's Galaxy system, I decided to experiment with hardware partitioning. The machine arrived with two of everything (CPUs, ethernet controllers, SCSI controllers, etc) so I'm sure this is how the machine was originally configured. It now lives as two HECnet nodes, FRICK:: and FRACK:: (named after the nick-names my wife has given to our two dogs).