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DRV11 Parallel Line Unit

The DRV11 is a general-purpose interface unit used for connecting parallel-line TTL or DTL devices to the LSI-11 bus over up to 25 feed of cable. It permits program-controlled data transfers at rates up to 44K words per second (with optimized programming) and provides LSI-11 bus interface and control logic for interrupt processing and vector generation. Data is handled by 16 diode-clamped input lines and 16 latched output lines. Device address is user-assigned and Control/Status Registers (CSR) and Data Registers are compatible with PDP-11 software routines.



EK-ADV11-OP-001 ADV11-A, KWV11-A, AAV11-A, DRV11 User's Manual
EK-ADV11-OP-002 ADV11-A, KWV11-A, AAV11-A, DRV11 User's Manual