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ADV11-C Analogue-to-digital converter

The ADV11-C is an LSI-11 analog input printed circuit board, a8000. It accepts up to 16 single-ended inputs, or up to 8 differential inputs, either unipolar or bipolar. A unipolar input can range from 0V to 10V. A bipolar input can range from -10V to +10V. The ADV11-C also has a programmable gain on those inputs of 1, 2, 4 or 8 times the input voltage.

Analog-to-digital (A/D) conversions are started by a program command, an external trigger, or a real-time clock input. When the program command sets the A/D START bit in the control/status register, the ADV11-C starts the A/D conversion on the input channel selected.

The ADV11-C changes the analog input into digital data. The digital data goes to the A/D data buffer register and waits for a programmed data transfer to the LSI-11 processor or memory, or the ADV11-C puts an interrupt request on the LSI-11 bus and waits for the interrupt request to be acknowledged.



EK-AXV11-UG-002 LSI-11 Analog System User's Guide