VAX 4000-200

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Node Name FUZZY::
Node Number 42.3
Machine VAX 4000-200
Enclosure BA215
4 M7622-BT (MS650-BA)
5 M7622-BT (MS650-BA)
6 M7626-AA (KA660-AA)


EK-387AH-SP-H01 VAX 4000 Site Preparation
EK-395AB-OM-002 VAX 4000 Model 200 (BA430) Operation Manual
EK-396AB-TM-002 VAX 4000 Model 200 Technical Information
EK-432AB-IN-002 VAX 4000 Model 200 (BA215) Installation Manual
EK-436AB-IN-002 VAX 4000 Model 200 (BA430) Installation Guide
EK-437AB-TS-002 VAX 4000 Model 200 Troubleshooting/Diagnostic Guide
EK-461AB-AD-B01 Acoustic Noise Declar, VAX 4000 BA400-Series Enclosure Sys
EK-464AA-AN-A01 Acoustic Declaration for VAX 4000 BA42B Systems
EK-471AB-IN-B01 Guide to BA42B-Based VAX 4000 Systems Service Information
EK-472AB-MG-B01 VAX 4000 BA42B Enclosure Maintenance
EK-474AB-OP-B01 VAX 4000 BA42B Enclosure System Options
EK-500AA-UP-A01 VAX 4000 BA42B-Based System DSSI Upgrade Manual
EK-504AA-TI-A01 VAX 4000 Customer Technical Information
EK-HSDD5-IN-A01 HSD05 Adapter Installation Guide for BA400-Based VAX 4000 Sys
EK-MVS30-CG-001 MicroVax/VAXserver 3000-Series to VAX 4000 Model 200
EK-RF31T-IN-A02 3.5-Inch RF-Series Installation Guide for BA42B VAX 4000
EK-RMSBA-CG-001 Rack-Mountable VAX 4000 Storage Backplane Assy Conversion Guide
EK-RRDDD-IN-A01 RRD43 CD-ROM Disk Drive for BA400-Based VAX 4000 Systems
EK-RRDVX-IN-A01 RRD43 Disc Drive Installation for MicroVAX 3100 & VAX 4000
EK-V4000-OG-A01 OpenVMS Systems Oper Guide: VAX 4000 & VAXstation 4000
EK-V400H-IN-002 VAX 4000 Model 200 (BA430) Installation Checklist
EK-V400R-IN-002 VAX 4000 Model (BA215) Installation Checklist
EK-VM430-CG-C01 VAXserver/VAX 4000-Series System Conversion Guide
EK-VV4SY-IG-B01 VAX 4000 (BA400-Based Systems DSSI Upgrade Installation Guide
EK-VVKSY-CG-B01 VAX 4000 BA440-Based Systems CPU Conversion Guide
EK-VXHWS-OM-B01 VAX 4000 BA42B-Based Easy System Expansion Upgrade Manual


I acquired the VAX 4000-200 in October 2005 when I saw a posting on the Linux-VAX mailing list from someone on the Isle of Wight, UK that had some VAX hardware he wanted to get rid of. Being 7400 km away from the Isle of Wight, local pickup wasn't an option. Or was it? My parents live in the UK, so I asked my dad if he was going to be anywhere near the Isle of Wight. Some arrangements were made, and in January 2006 my dad took possession of the computer. The machine lived in my parents' garden shed for a couple of years, until my dad made a trip to Canada, and sacrificed one of his bags in order to bring it over.

The machine owner was able to give me a bit of history. Apparently, this machine was the backup VAX on board the RSS James Clark Ross research ship. Being the backup machine, it saw less than 6 months of power-up time in it's life.

The label on this unit indicated that the power supply was 240v. In order to test the unit, I borrowed the power supply from my MicroVAX 3300. Once I verified the unit was fully functional, I compared the power supplies and discovered that there is a single internal jumper. Switching this jumper changed the supply to 110v.